A Large Lake of Asphalt on the Is-land of Trinidad

  At the village off La Brea, on the island of Trinidad, in the West Indies, is a large lake of asphalt called Pitch Lake.

  The asphalt is hard and is dug out with a big scoop shovel or a pick, leaving a hole in the surface of the lake.Within a week or two the hole is filled with new asphalt that pushes up from below.The supply of asphalt seems to be endless.

  An ancient legend explains how Pitch Lake came to be:Many centuries ago two Indian tribes fought a great battle.The victorious tribe built a village and held a victory celebration, They killed hundreds of beautiful hummingbirds, ate them, and used their feathers to decorate their clothing.The Great Spirit was so angered that the birds had been killed that he caused the entire village to sink into the earth.The crater where the village stood has been filled wish asphalt ever since.