Ballet, a Combination of Four Arts

  Although the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word ballet is a graceful ballerinagliding across the stage, the ballet is not just dancing.The final production is a combination of four arts: dancing, music, drama and painting.It is also a combination of the efforts of many people.

  The ballerina and her partner dance the main roles.It may be hard to realize that behind their seemingly effortless movements are long years of practice.She had to dance in minor roles for many years.The premier danseur had to learn the art of partnering, of showing off the ballerina so that she appears to be perfect.

  Some of the people who create a ballet never appear on stage.They are responsible for the music to which the dancers move, the theme of the ballet's story, the sets, and the costumes.It is the fusion of these many talents that creates the one, overall effect that is a ballet.