Musician Rpbbie Williams has explained what he meant with his middle finger gesture during his performance at the 2018 World Cup opening ceremony.


The singer was performing a number of his hits at the football tournament in Moscow last week when he was seen raising his middle finger to the camera and audience.


Earlier today, the 44-year-old singer appeared on This Morning alongside host Phillip Schofield to address his performance saying, "At these things, it's really important not to cause an international incident. And do you know what? I managed it."


Williams went onto explain that his divisive gesture was meant to signal a "one minute to kick-off."


“I was under a lot of pressure because there was one minute left and I didn't know how I was going to do it in half a minute," he said. "So I just did a one-minute countdown."


Schofield prodded at Williams' comments asking him why he claims to want to join The X Factor - a live TV show - when his actions are so spontaneous.


It has been reported that Williams may be joining The X Factor alongside his wife AydaField, but has not admitted he'll be joining the show.