"We've got Pixar CEO Steve Jobs and Disney president, CEO, Robert Iger."


"Gentlemen, congratulations, good to have you with us."


"Thank you."


"Steve, I want to start with you though. What does this mean for people who love Pixar movies?"


"Ah, what I think this means is there is going to be a lot more of them. We are gonna get chance to continue to work with Disney. But rather than two companies with two sets of shareholders and different agendas, we are just gonna be one company and we can all focus on making the best films in the world and you know, distributing them and getting also the characters in the Disney's unique assets, like their theme parks, etc. This is... "


"Bob, this is, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you, Steve. Bob, this is a pretty big deal with you being a new CEO. A lot of people knew Michael Eisner, maybe alienated some people, Steve included. Why was it important for you to come in and kind of patch up this relationship with Pixar."


"Well, nothing is as important to Disney as making great product, high-quality product. And animation really is the heart and soul of the company dating back to Walt's day in his late 20s. So I thought that a real imperative for the company and for me, as its new CEO, was to make sure that we are making great feature animation movies. Pixar has been doing that for quite a long period of time. We've been a partner of theirs and watched them in all and in wonder how they've done it. And when I considered all the different alternatives that we had as a company to achieve this goal to make great animated films, they ascended up rising to the top of all the different choices that we had. And I'm incredibly excited about it because it gives us an ability to return ourselves to great scenario that is so important to the Walt Disney company."


"And Bob, you welcomed a new man to the board table. Was it right?"


"I do it gladly."


"Gladly. All right. So, Steve, what does this mean though? All of us are so familiar with Apple products. What does this mean for the synergy that could be created with what Disney is able to produce and maybe we can all download on our iPods."


"Well, you know, when we were about to, when we were working on the video iPod getting close to its announcement, the first person I called was Bob. And I went down and showed it to him. He was the first person outside of Apple to see it. And we figured out very rapidly how to cut a deal to get content from ABC onto that, to video iPod so we've figured out how to work out things very efficiently and very quickly to do some pretty great stuff. And I think that's just the beginning of what can be done."

“当我们日夜赶工设计视频iPod ,在临近正式推出时,我第一个打电话给艾格,而且开车过去给他展示,他是苹果公司外首个目睹新iPod尊容的人。我们很快就决定该如何与ABC电视网签约获得其内容的iPod的合法下载权,所以我觉得我们之间的合作能很迅速地推出很酷的玩意儿。并且我认为,皮克斯与迪斯尼的联姻只是一个开始,好戏还在后头呢。”