Visually lengthen your face by drawing more attention to the center with curtain bangs, suggests Kerastase hair stylist Matt Fugate. The bangs are parted in the center and angle down to get longer toward your jawline. By leaving a bit of forehead exposed and tapering to your jaw, the eye focuses on the middle of your face instead of the round sides. If bangs aren’t your thing, try a deep side part. Creating more volume at the top of your head will make your face seem longer.





A centered hair part can highlight any asymmetry in your face, but a deep or slightly off-center part will look flattering. Women with oval face shapes can also take advantage of the fact that they can pull off tricky looks, like slicking a ponytail back to hide your part or trying blunt bangs. “You want to do something architectural to show off your face”.




A center part will draw attention to the middle of your face and make a pointy chin seem harsher, but bringing your part to the side actually creates more balance for your features. A slightly off-center part would help create some softness into the hair and help break up the face a little more.




Middle parts and blunt bangs exaggerate a strong jaw line, so keep the hair around your face soft and wispy. A deep or slight side part will help soften the look. It doesn’t need to be drastic. You can create a really nice, soft face frame.




An oblong, or rectangular face, is longer and tends to have a wider forehead than an oval face. A hair part that swoops across your forehead from the side will create the right amount of movement and volume. To mix it up a bit, a diagonal or zigzag part, depending on your hair type.




Women with a diamond face shape have a sharp chin and high cheekbones, so your hair part should depend on how much you want to play those features up. A side part will soften your face, while a center part makes them even more pronounced. It all goes off to personality and style. A center part is more sleek and edgy, while an offset part looks soft and classic.