B: No, I don't live around there, but I know the location and environment of Tai Koo Shing. I know the average price of five thousand Hong Kong Dollars per square foot is very attractive. May I know the size, the layout and the view of the house?


  A: Sure. The area of this flat is around nine hundred square feet. It is designed as one living room, one dining room, one master bedroom and two bedrooms.


  B: Do you have the floor plan of the building?


  A: Yes, Mrs. Chen. Here it is. For this unit, the efficiency rate is very high because the layout is very effective. Also, the owner keeps the house in a good condition. Maybe I can show you the house.


  B: Very well. Can we go now?


  A: Give me a minute. Let me call the owner first.


  Thank you.


  Sample of Tenancy Agreement


  This agreement is made on this thirtieth day of September 1999 by and between Chen Jianmin of 221 Sichuan Road and Zhang Jie of 345 Lintong Road,as follows:


  The said Chen Jianmin hereby lets to the said Zhang Jie a dwelling flat of No.404(hereinafter referred to as the said flat), situated in 999 Feiyun Road, for the term of two years followed by each term of two years until one month's notice to quit is given by or to either party, at the monthly rent of H.K.$ 900 payable in advance on the first day of each and every calendar month. The tenancy is to commence on the first day of October, one day after the said agreement is signed.


  And the said Chen Jianmin undertakes to pay the land tax and the property tax, and to keep the said flat in all necessary repairs, so long as the said Zhang Jie shall continue therein. And the said Zhang Jie shall undertake to take the said flat of Chen Jianmin for and at the before mentioned term and rent, and pay all taxes except those on land or property, and to abide by the other conditions aforesaid.


  We get our hands the day and year aforesaid.


  In the presence of Zhou Wenqi (Signature)


  Chen Jianmin(Signature)

  Zhang Jie(Signature)

  立约人:陈建民 张捷


  1. let:此处作“出租”解。

  2. notice to quit:搬家的预先通知。quit在此作“搬出”、“迁出”解。

  3. each and every:每一个。

  4. tenancy:(土地、房屋等的)租赁;租赁期限。

  5. continue:在此相当于continue to stay.

  6. therein:在那里。

  7. abide by:遵守(法律、决定等);信守(诺言等)。

  8. get hands (to)= set hands (to):签名。

  3. Visiting the flat for Sale


  Scene: After Mrs.Chen signed the inspection record, James Wilson shows Mrs.Chen to Mr.Johnson's house. Bell rings.

  场景: 陈太太签署看楼纪录书后,詹姆士·威尔逊带陈太太到约翰逊先生的房子实地视察。门铃响了。

  A: Agent- James Wilson


  B: Buyer- Mrs.Chen


  S: Seller- Mr. Johnson


  A: Hello, Mr.Johnson. I have Mrs.Chen to check out the house.

  您好,约翰逊先生。 这是陈太太,她来看你的房子。

  S: Please come in and feel free to take a look around the house.


  A: Mrs.Chen, as you can see, the decoration is in perfect condition. The kitchen is on your left. Look! It is so big that you can fit five people inside. (They walk to the living room). The layout of the flat is one dining room, and living room, one master bedroom and two bedrooms. The gross area of this unit is nine hundred and thirteen square feet.