B: Okay. I would like to check the house with my wife tomorrow night after seven. Also, can you show me two more apartments for our comparison at the same time?


  A: Sure, Mr.Roberts. I'll arrange things for you tomorrow night. May I have your telephone number in order to confirm the appointment?


  B: Yes. My office number is 25242524. In case I am not in my office, you can also contact my mobile phone. The number is 90887766.


  A: Thank you, Mr.Roberts. I'll have all the information and get back to you as soon as possible.


  Sample of Shophouse Unit Lease Contract


  This Agreement is made at _____, on the _____day of_____ 2001, between _____, hereinafter

  called the "lessor" and Mr./Mrs/Miss _____, hereinafter called the "Lessee".


  The parties to the contract agree as follows:


  1. The Lessor agrees to lease and the Lessee agrees to take on lease unit(s)of shophouses, Room Nos _____, situated at _____Road, Tambo______, District of _____, Province of _____, with telephone number _____, for a period of ____ years at a monthly rental of ___ baht.


  2. The Lease period aforementioned in Clause 1 shall be effective as of the date the Lessor completes all details as in Clause 3, and notifies the Lessee in writing within 7 days thereof.


  3. The Lessor agrees to complete repair of the shophouse in accordance with the following details:






  4. On this contract signing date, the Lessor has received a deposit as rent security amounting to_______baht. Should the Lessee be overdue on rent payment for any month, the Lessee agrees for the Lessor to immediately deduct the amount due from the said deposit as rent payment.


  5. The Lessee agrees to pay rent to the Lessor by or before the_____th day of every month. Should the Lessee be in default of rent payment within the said period, the Lessee agrees that this contract then becomes extinct without any notification.


  6. Payment of all building and land taxes shall be borne solely by the Lessee.


  7. Should the shophouse be legally condemned before expiration of the contract, the parties agree that the contract becomes extinct and shall not claim any damages from each other. Provided that the Lessee still resides in the building for which the Lessee shall pay rent to the Lessor until the Lessee moves out of the building and completes handover of the building to the Lessor.


  8. The Lessee agrees to pay rent and all telephone bills to the Telephone organization of Thailand from the day of the enforcement of this contract.


  9. The Lessor agrees that he shall not increase the rent for a period of 2 years from the date of this contract signing.


  10. The Lessor agrees that upon expiration of this contract at the end of the lease period, the Lessor shall allow the Lessee to continue leasing for another period of___years, on condition that the Lessee has not breached this contract in any way.


  11. The Lessee agrees to maintain the leased building in good condition and not allow it to further deteriorate. Any modifications or additions carried out on the leased building by the Lessee may be done only with the Lessor's prior written permission. Any new structure resulting from modification, addition or repair to the leased building becomes the property of the Lessor, and the Lessee cannot claim any damages. This lease contract is terminated should the leased building be subject to a fire disaster.


  12. The Lessee shall permit the Lessor or his representative to enter the leased building for inspection at appropriate times.


  13. The Lessee shall not sub-let the building to any other persons, except with the prior written approval of the Lessor.


  14. For whatever reason, if the Lessee leaves the leased building, the Lessee agrees that he shall not claim any damages or removal costs from the Lessor.


  15. Breach of contract in any regard on the part of the Lessee shall be grounds for the Lessor to terminate this contract immediately; the Lessee shall then permit the Lessor to have right to repossess the leased building immediately.


  This contract is made in duplicate. The parties to the contract having read and understood the entire substance of the contract hereby sign their names in the presence of witnesses.