B1: How about the view?


  A3: Over the tenth floor, you will see the beautiful river view.


  C2: How about the direction for this unit?

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  A3: This unit faces southwest. Please make yourselves comfortable.


  (Scene: Show Flat)

  (场景:示范单位 B)

  A4: Welcome to show flat B. This unit's gross area is one thousand and five hundred square feet, which is the largest unit on this floor. This unit's layout is similar to show flat A except that it has a master bedroom and a balcony outside of the living room. This unit faces south, which is the best direction and view for the whole building.


  B3: Excuse me! Miss, what kind of view is it?


  A4: Over the tenth floor, you will see the hills and rivers together. Sounds great, right?


  B3: How about below the tenth floor?


  A4:You will see a few of low-rise town houses and streets. Dear customers, we have already arranged to have the lawyers and bankers meet us on the ground floor. They will answer all the mortgage and legal questions you may have. Thank you for joining us today. I hope you will find your favourite units today.


  2. Residential Property Under Construction for Sale


  Scene: Sales office of the Nice Garden

  场景: 丽斯花园售楼处

  A: Agents


  B: Clients


  A: Miss, may I help you?


  B: Yes, I just wondered why the price between the ninth floor and tenth floor is so different?


  A: It's because of the view.


  B: Oh! I see. Can you show me the location for Block 1?


  A: Sure. Please take a look of the model of the building. Nice Garden has a total of two blocks which are labelled Block 1 and Block 2. Block 1 has a total of thirty-eight levels. The thirty-seventh and thirty-eighth are penthouses. There are four units in one level. The sizes of the units are one thousand square feet and one thousand and five hundred square feet. The size with one thousand square feet has three bedrooms and the biggest size has four bedrooms.


  B: How many elevators are there?


  A: There are three elevators between one hundred and forty eight units.


  B: How about the car-park space?


  A: There is a total of one hundred and sixty parking lots on the second and third floor, in which twelve are for visitors and the rest are for residents.


  B: Any other facilities?


  A: Sure, on the fouth floor is a recreation quarter. There are two swimming pools, one is Olympic standard size and the other one is for children. Also, there is a gymnasium for resident members only.