(CNN) — At least 48 people are dead and dozens missing after a fire at a shopping center in the Siberian city of Kemerovo on Sunday, a spokesman for the firefighting agency told Russian state media.

CNN电 消防机构一名发言人向俄罗斯国家媒体透露,在西伯利亚城市克麦罗沃一个购物中心于周日发生火灾后,至少64人死亡,多人下落不明。

Earlier, fire authorities said about 69 people, including 40 children, were missing in the complex, which includes a cinema, bowling alley, children’s center and petting zoo, according to Tass.


Video taken at the scene of the fire showed enormous clouds of thick, grey black smoke pouring out of the windows and roof of the shopping mall, as fire crews worked desperately to contain the blaze.


Even after the sun set, a dull red glow could be seen over the building before the fire was extinguished.


Twenty people were saved from the burning building, Tass reported, and about 100 others were evacuated.


The fire was brought under control late Sunday night, the firefighting agency told Tass, and a criminal case has been opened.


Families of the victims will be paid one million rubles ($17,500) in compensation each following the fire, Kemerovo’s Governor Aman Tuleyev announced early Monday morning.