Juniper is a 2-year-old fox with more followers than you do on Instagram — 2.2 million of them for her @JuniperFoxx account. She’s one of the Top 10 Pets on the social-media site and the only one on the list that’s not a dog or a cat. And now, as so many social-media stars do, she has her own book.


“Juniper the Happiest Fox,” written by her human owner Jessika Coker, celebrates the vixen — the official name for a female fox — who lives in Florida and enjoys painting with her paws.

《最快乐的狐狸》由她的主人杰西卡.科克编写, 为了祝贺这只住在佛罗里达, 喜欢用爪子画画的雌狐狸。

Juniper came to meet Jessica shortly after her birth. Juniper is a tame fox. Tame foxes have over 4,000 genetic differences from wild foxes, making them unsuitable for life in the wild. Juniper is (mostly) litter-trained and gets along famously with the dog named Moose. “Every once in a while life will throw you a gift,” writes Coker. “My gifts just happen to have fur and fang-toothed grins.”