Hong Kong (CNN) — Xi Jinping began his second term as China’s president with a blunt warning for Taiwan, an island it views as a breakaway province.

CNN香港电 习近平开始了他的第二届主席任期,他直接向台湾发出了警告,中国视台湾为一个分离省份。

"All acts and tricks to split the motherland are doomed to failure and will be condemned by the people and punished by history," Xi said Tuesday at the close of the National People’s Congress, Beijing’s legislature.


He said the Chinese people have resolve, confidence, and ability to defeat secessionist attempts in any form.


"Every inch of our great motherland’s territory cannot be separated from China," he said, drawing loud applause from his audience inside the Great Hall of the People.


"It could not be clearer that the remarks send a strong signal toward the ’pro-independence forces’ from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet," Chui Sai-peng, a member of the Legislative Assembly of Macao Special Administrative Region, told the Global Times after the meeting.



Hong Kong 香港

second term 第二任期

doomed to 注定要

at the close 按收盘价

National People 国民全体

Chinese people 华夏儿女

Every inch 彻底

be separated from 和…分离开,和…分散

Great Hall of the People 人民大会堂

strong signal 强信号