Read the following article in which five people talk about AIDS. For Question 36-40, match the name of each person to one of the statements( A-G)given below. Mark your answers on ANSWER SHEET I.

  Greg Logan:

  These were the trials for the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Korea. Until this dive, I had been ahead. But now, something else was more significant than winning. I might have endangered other

  divers' lives if I have spilled blood in the pool. For what I knew--that few others knew--was that I was HIV-positive. AIDS forced me to stop diving; I had to quit diving professionally after the Olympics.

  Margaret Chan:

  It is reported that almost three million people in developing countries are now receiving drugs for HIV. This is an increase of almost one million people from two thousand and six. Still, the hope was to reach three million by two thousand and .five. But antiviral therapy, or ART, alone will not solve the problem. For every two persons we manage to provide them with ART, another five persons get infected. So again, we cannot underestimate the power of prevention.

  Paula Green..

  The disease robs the body of its natural defenses against infections. Almost seventy-five percent of people receiving HIV drugs are in Africa. The drugs help patients live longer without developing AIDS. An estimated nine million seven hundred thousand people in low and middle income

  countries were in need of HIV treatment last year. However, by the end of the year, just over thirty percent of them were getting it.

  Raymond Chow

  Price reductions can be a main method to let more people with HIV, including more pregnant women, receive the drugs. Also, delivery systems should be redesigned to better serve individual countries and smaller health centers. And treatments should be simpler than in the past.

  William Wang:

  Huge barriers still remain in dealing with the AIDS epidemic. Getting patients to stay on their therapy is difficult. There are still large numbers of people who .do not get tested for HIV. And there are many others who get tested too late and die within months. What's more, there is not enough joint treatment of HIV and the related infections that most often kill AIDS patients. And still another problem is the shortage of health care workers in the developing world.

  Now match each of the items (36 to 40)to the appropriate statement.

  Note: There are two extra statements.


  36. Greg Loughs A. Some HIV-positive patients don't cooperate with doc-

  37. Margaret Chan tors.

  38. Paula Green B . AID patient's blood may be dangerous to other people's

  39. Raymond Chow lives.

  40. William Wang C . People are scared of AIDS.

  D . Treatment is more urgent than prevention.

  [ E ] Many people can't get HIV drugs because of poverty.

  [ F ] More people get HIV treatment, but even more get infected.

  [ G ] HIV drugs should be cheaper.














  36—40 BFEGA