Emma Watson and Chord Overstreet, asurprise maybe-couple rumored to be dating earlier this week, really are a romantic thing, multiple sources have just confirmed to Page Six.

本周早些时候,艾玛·沃特森和寇德·欧沃斯崔被传约会,让人有些意外,不过确实很浪漫,Page Six从诸多线索中确认了此事。

“It's crazy but, yes, they are seeing each other, although Emma wants to keep things quiet and private,” one source told the outlet.


A second source tried to cool the report down a bit by noting it's casual. “They are friendly, but are not in a relationship.” Overstreet and Watson's reps did not comment on the report.


Watson and Overstreet first sparked dating rumors when they were photographed together at a Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats concert in February. They were filmed leaving Vanity Fair's Oscar after party together this Sunday.

他们最早被拍到在一起的时候是在二月份一起参加Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats音乐会上,当时就有流言蜚语了。本周日在Vanity Fair 杂志举办的奥斯卡聚会之后,他们被拍到在一起。

Watson and her last boyfriend, William "Mack" Knight, ended things in late 2017 after dating for two years. Overstreet last dated Brooke Butler, who he started dating in 2015.

沃森和她的前男友,廉麦克奈特在约会了两年以后,于2017年下旬分手。欧沃斯崔前女友是Brooke Butler从2015年开始约会。

Butler and Overstreet don't follow each other on Instagram anymore, and their last photo together on Butler's page is from 16 months ago.


Overstreet follows Watson on Instagram; Watson does not follow him back, for anyone looking for social media signs. Watson has made it clear in interviews though that she has no intention of making her love life a public thing.


"I want to be consistent," Watson explained to Vanity Fair last February, while she and Knight were still together.

在去年二月份接受Vanity Fair杂志采访时,那时候她还和奈特在一起时说,“我想要言行一致。”

"I can't talk about my boyfriend in an interview and then expect people not to take paparazzi pictures of me walking around outside my home. You can't have it both ways."