It was a summer day. And old man strolled on a hill cheerfully.


He wiped the perspiration on his forehead with his sleeve and kept humming melodies to entertain himself.


Suddenly, he heard someone talking to him.


"Hello, sir."


The old man turned around but saw no one.


"I'm here."


The voice came from beside his feet. The old man looked down and saw a beautiful lily.


"Sir, can I ask you a question?" asked the lily.


"Sure, my child. What do you want to know?" said the old man.


The lily hesitated for a second and said :"Why are you so happy? You don't seem to have many days left to live."


"My days have passed and I'm about to wither. That makes me so sad." the lily didn't wait for the old man to answer, she just kept going on.


The old man laughed.


"Yes, I don't have many days left. But, so what?"


"Why ruin such a lovely day for something that hasn't happen?"


"What's gone is gone. What's to come is to come. You can't change them. But you can decide to enjoy this very moment that you truly have."


And he didn't wait for the lily to respond. He just walked away, continuing the melody he had been humming.