while是大家比较熟悉的一个词,但是许多人对它的了解是不全面的,你可能只知道它表示“当……的时候”,甚至可能还知道它与when, as的用法区别。这些东西都是有关while用法的“基础知识”,却不是一般英语考试的“考点知识”。今天,小编就来给大家详细解析一下相关的用法,一起来看看吧!



We must strike while the iron is hot. 我们要趁热打铁。

Stand still while I take your photograph. 我给你拍照时站着不要动。

Have we got enough books to read while we are on holiday? 假期里我们有足够的书看吗?

Were there any calls for me while I was out? 我出去的时候,有人来过电话吗?

She hates anyone listening while she is telephoning. 她打电话时不愿让任何人听。



While the work was difficult, it was interesting. 虽然工作有难度,但很有趣。

While I understand what you say, I can’t agree with you. 虽然我理解你的意思,但我还是不同意。

While the Internet is of great help, I don’t think it’s a good idea to spend too much time on it.虽然因特网很有帮助,但我还是认为在其上花太多的时间不是个好主意。

While we don’t agree we continue to be friends. 尽管我们意见不同,我们还是朋友。

While I did well in class, I was a poor performer at games. 虽说我学习不错,我运动却不行。

While a few became richer, many did not. 虽然一些人变得更富有了,但多数人并非如此。



In some places women are expected to earn money while  men work at home and raise theirchildren. 有些地方妇女挣钱,而男子则在家里持家和带孩子。

I went swimming while the others played tennis. 我去游泳,而其余的人则去打网球了。

Air is a fluid but not a liquid, while water is both a fluid and a liquid.空气是流体不是液体,水是流体也是液体。

Some people waste food while others haven’t enough. 一些人糟踏食物而另一些人却食不果腹。

I went swimming while the others played tennis. 我去游泳,而其余的人则去打网球了。

Prices are rising sharply, while incomes are lagging far behind. 物价飞涨而收入却远远落后。


While most children learn to read easily, some need extra help.大多数儿童学会阅读很容易,有一些儿童却需要特别帮助。

While some languages have 30 or more different vowel sounds, others have five or less.有些语言有30个或更多的元音,而其他语言只有5个或更少的元音。

While Deauville is a holiday resort, Trouville is more of a working town.特维尔是个度假胜地,而特鲁维尔更多的却是个工业城市。



While (he was) in prison, she wrote her first novel. 她在狱中写出了第一部小说。

He had strayed from home while still a boy. 他小时候就离开家到处流浪了。

He fell asleep while (he was) doing his homework. 他做着做着功课就睡着了。

I was only listening to the radio with half an ear, while (I was) preparing some food.我正在做吃的东西,没太留心听收音机。