An upright judge has more regard to justice than to me.

If the judge departs from the sentencing guideline range he must have a lawful reason for such a departure. 法官必须有合法的理由方可偏离根据判刑准则所确定的量刑范围.   Judges shall handle cases impartially and in accordance with the law. 法官应当依法秉公办案。   A good judge can extend the boundary of justice. 优秀的法官能够拓展正义的疆界。   A judge cannot be a witness in his own cause. 法官不得在其受理的案件中当证人。   A judge cannot punish a wrong done to himself. 法官不得对使自己蒙受的过错进行惩处。   A judge incurs no civil liability for judicial acts, even if guilty of fraud and corruption. 法官不得因其司法行为而承担民事责任,即使犯有欺诈与贪污罪。   Most disputes that arise in any society are not handled through the court system. 社会的大多数争议并非都要通过法院体系解决。   No one can be at once suitor and judge. 起诉者不得兼为法官。   No one can be judge in his own case. 任何人不能审判自己的案件。   Sentencing is at the discretion of the judge. 量刑由法官自由裁定。   The chairman of the tribunal asked to see all the facts on the income tax claim. 审判长要求考虑所有有关所得税主张的事实。   The judge was appointed to sit in a special case. 该法官被任命审理一个特别案件。   The magistrates committed her for trial at the Crown Court. 治安法官将她带到巡回刑事法庭受审。   The judge accepted the defendant's understanding not to harass the plaintiff. 法官认可了被告不去骚扰原告的承诺。