Director-General Margaret Chan, Executive Director Michel Sidibe:

It’s a great honor to be back. I am deeply humbled by your kind words.

Dr. Chan and Mr. Sidibe, you are the real champions in the fight to end killer disease and keep our world healthy and safe. 陈冯富珍总干事和西迪贝执行主任,你们在全球抗击致命疾病和促进人类健康事业方面发挥着重要的领导作用。   It’s been a privilege to work with you and everyone else in this room. 我很高兴能够和你们以及在座各位共同为这一事业而努力。   Standing here five and a half years ago, when WHO named me Goodwill Ambassador, I said, "I hope to contribute to the great work of WHO in saving lives from TB and HIV/AIDS, and help those most at risk." 五年半前, 同样在这里, 世卫组织任命我为结核病和艾滋病防治亲善大使。在任命仪式上,我表示,“我希望为世卫组织救治结核病和艾滋病患者的伟大工作尽一份力,并帮助那些最高危的人群。”   Before that, I had been China’s ambassador for HIV/AIDS for five years and TB for four years. 在此之前,我已分别担任中国国家卫生计生委预防艾滋病宣传员五年的时间和全国结核病防治宣传形象大使四年的时间。   So, I knew what we were up against and what would happen if we did not work hard or act fast enough. 因此,我十分了解世界在抗击结核与艾滋病方面所面临的挑战, 也知道如果人们不采取行动或行动不够及时,会导致什么样的后果。   Since 2006, I have been to high-risk places, villages, hospitals, patients’ homes, community centers, schools and universities and research centers to understand the challenge and call for action. 自2006年以来,我走访了上述疾病的高发地区,偏远农村、医院、患者住所、社区中心、大中小学和研究机构,加深了对有关问题的认识,积极呼吁各方采取对策。   I have seen pain and fear in children’s eyes, medical experts busy at work, volunteers my daughter’s age and world leaders coming together on health issues. 我曾探望幼小的患者,他们的眼神里充满痛苦和恐惧,我目睹了医学专家为破解难题而忙碌,我也见过许多和我女儿同龄的志愿者,我还见证了各国领导人齐聚一堂探讨世界卫生问题。   What I have seen in the past 11 years tells me that even without cure for AIDS, and easy treatment for MDR-TB, we can save lives and bring viral load to zero, if we take the right action. 过去十一年的经历证明尽管还未找到治愈艾滋的办法, 尽管耐多结核的治疗难度很大,我们能挽救生命,甚至将病毒载量降低为零,只要我们采取正确的措施。   As I said in 2015 at the UN, a caring heart is our best weapon against AIDS. Fighting disease is an ongoing process. 正如我2015年在联合国有关会议所言,爱心就是抗击艾滋的最好疫苗。抗击疾病只有进行时,没有完成时。   And it must be a joint effort. I’m grateful to WHO and UNAIDS for letting me be part of the great work you do and to my country’s government for supporting my work as Goodwill Ambassador. 这需要全世界共同努力。我感谢世卫组织和规划署使我有机会参与你们所从事的伟大事业,也感谢我国政府支持我履行亲善大使的职责。   China has come a long way. 中国在抗击结核病与艾滋病方面取得了显著成绩。   It met the MDG for TB control five years ahead of schedule. 中国提前五年实现了消除结核病的千年目标。   It offers free HIV testing for free counseling and free treatment to cut mother-to-child transmission. And it gives free education to AIDS orphans. 中国向艾滋病患者提供免费病毒检测免费咨询和免费母婴阻断药物,并对艾滋病病人的孤儿免收上学费用。   As a result, fewer and fewer people die from the two diseases or suffer discrimination. 如今,越来越少的人由于上述疾病而死亡或遭受社会歧视。   China appreciates the help from WHO and UNAIDS and will remain your strong partner. 中国赞赏世卫组织和规划署给予的帮助,中国将永远是你们坚定的合作伙伴。   Through this job, I have witnessed how much the world can do together to make a difference. 在担任亲善大使期间,我看到,只要大家携起手来,就能为这个世界带来积极的改变。   In December 2015, we invited 30 African AIDS orphans to a summer camp in Beijing. 2015年12月,中方邀请30名非洲艾滋病孤儿来华参加在北京举行的“爱在阳光下”夏令营活动。   Seven months later, in July 2016, 30 African children and 30 Chinese children got together, and spent a wonderful week together. 七个月后,2016年7月, 30名非洲儿童和30名中国儿童相聚在一起,共同度过了一周美好的时光。   I watched them sing and dance, and made Chinese paper art with them. 我看着他们欢歌起舞和他们一道体验了中国的剪纸艺术。   When I stood next to them and saw their smiling faces, I kept telling myself, whether these boys and girls can live a happy and healthy life will decide what our planet will look like. 在他们的身边,看着他们的笑容,我不禁对自己说,这些孩子能否拥有健康幸福的生活将决定我们这个星球的未来。   Knowing that these children will not be left behind gives us hope for an AIDS-and TB-free generation. 只要他们不被遗忘,我们就有希望实现“零艾滋”、“零结核”的目标。   This is my 12th year advocating against TB and HIV/AIDS. It’s a job that requires hard work,patience and devotion. 今年是我宣传防治结核病和艾滋的第十二个年头。这项工作需要不懈的努力、极大的耐心和无私的奉献。   I know my responsibility has increased, but so has my commitment and confidence. 我知道我的担子更重了,但我的决心和信心也更大了。   More and more people will join us in this important endeavor. It is not just a battle about the well-being of those affected. It is a battle about the future of humanity. 会有越来越多的人投身于这项崇高的事业。我们的努力不仅仅是为了帮助受疾病影响的人们,更是为了确保人类能拥有更加美好的未来。   We must succeed, and we will succeed. 我们的努力必须成功,也一定能成功。   This is what I would like to share with you today. 这就是我今天希望与各位分享的一些感想。   Thank you. 谢谢大家。