Describe a song that reminds you of a particular time.

  You should say:

  what it is about

  what particular time it reminds you

  how often you listen to it

  and explain why you think it is special to you.

  I’m sure a lot of people have a song that reminds them of their first kiss or a childhood memory, but one song that always brings a smile to my face is Gangnam Style by the South Korean artist, Psy.

  The song is all in Korean, so I’m not particularly sure what it is about. I know that Gangnam is a rich area of the Seoul, the capital of South Korea, a bit like Beverly Hills in California. The video for the song is very random, with tongue-in-cheek jokes about money and being wealthy.

  When I hear the song, it takes me back to my time at university. I can remember when it first started to appear on the internet, on social media and video sites like YouKu. I would watch it with my roommates in my dorm and in class on my phone. Then it really took off and it seemed to be everywhere, in shops, on TV and especially in bars and nightclubs.

  Back then I used to listen to Gangnam Style all the time, you couldn’t really escape it, but nowadays it isn’t played so often. It’s been overtaken by new catchy songs like Xiao Pingguo, which means ‘little apple’.

  To be honest, these days I find the song a bit annoying. I think it was overplayed and people got tired of it. But I guess it still holds a special place in my mind as it reminds me of being young and at university, of staying up late with my friends and watching videos on the internet until the early hours.