1. signing

  2. primary

  3. literacy

  4. different but complementary

  5. settling/resolving

  6. many social contexts

  7. characteristics/features

  8. reaction

  9. distance

  10. emotion

  11. deliberate

  12. intimacy and immediacy

  13. continuum

  14. degrees of interactivity

  15. the usage


  1. What is international leaders’ assessment of the current battle against Ebola?

  答案:B. Disheartening.

  2.How many people are now working in the treatment unit in Liberia?

  答案:A. 200.

  3.According to Mary, what is the challenge in the battle against Ebola?

  答案:D. Insufficient operational efforts on the ground.

  4.Why do health workers need case management protocol training?

  答案:B. They can open up more treatment units.

  5.What does this interview mainly talk about?

  答案:C. Ebola outpacing operational efforts.

  6.What is Tom’s main role in his new position?

  答案:D.Creating things from changes in behavior, media, etc.

  7.According to Tom, what does innovation require of people?

  答案:B. Being brave and willing to take a risk

  8.What does Tom see as game-changing chances in the future?

  答案:B. Aiming at a consumer level.

  9.What does Tom do first to deal with the toughest part of his work?

  答案:D. Examining the future carefully.

  10.Which of the following might Tom work for?

  答案:A. A media agency.