Describe something you enjoy doing with an old person in your family

  You should say:

  What it is

  How often you do it

  Who you do it with

  Why you enjoy doing it with this person

  1-4月雅思口语新题part2范文之:喜爱的家人(older person you enjoy spending time with)

  I enjoy spending time with my maternal grandmother. She is eighty and has an opinion on anything and everything. My grandma is an energetic person. She has some age-related problems but she gets about more than my mother or me. Actually, there are hardly any temples in South India that she hasn’t been to. She is fluent in most South Indian languages and also possesses a working knowledge of Sanskrit. I visit my grandmother at least once a month. When we were kids, we used to spend the weekends at her place and then she would tell us numerous stories from Hindu mythology and keep in entertained for hours on end. Actually, if I am deeply religious today, that is because of her. She also visits us very often, and whenever she does she makes it a point to bring us lots of gifts and other goodies. She is a generous woman who enjoys giving food and money to the needy. The reason that I enjoy spending time with her is that she has a positive attitude towards anything. Actually I have never seen her looking depressed or hopeless. She is great fun to be with.