Describe a visitor in your home

  You should say:

  Who was this visitor

  When did he/she visit your home

  Why did he/she come to visit

  And explain whether you like him/her or not


  I’m going to talk about an occasion when a very close friend of mine visited where I live.

  He is a Chinese person. His real name is Xin Lin, but we usually call him by his English name, which is Steven. He was studying in the same university with me in England when we did our Master’s last year, and we both lived in the same flat in the university halls of residence. We were so close with each other because we spent a lot of time cooking and talking with each other, but we haven’t met for a few months since we left England.

  So the occasion was a month ago when he visited Vietnam to travel. He had never been to my country although China is right next to Vietnam. So, he decided to come to my country to visit me.

  We were really excited to meet each other again, and he was excited as well to come to my house for the first time. I invited him for dinner, and I myself cooked something very special for him, which was a traditional Vietnamese dish. We talked a lot during the meal, and we reminded each other of the memories we shared in England.

  I was very happy when Steven came to see me. The reason is because we had not had a chance to see each other for a long time, and you know, it always feels good seeing an old friend. The occasion brought back a lot of good memories that I think I can never forget.