1. Some people believe that since oil is scarce, the ________ of the motor industry is uncertain.

  A) terminal B) benefit C) fate D) estimate

  2. To speed up the ________ of letters, the Post Office introduced automatic sorting.

  A) treatment B) delivery C) transmission D) departure

  3. These overseas students show great ________ for learning a new language.

  A) enthusiasm B) authority C) convention D) faith

  4. The defense lawyer was questioning the old man who was one of the ________ of the murder committed last month.

  A) observers B) witnesses C) audiences D) viewers

  5. Politically these nations tend to be ________, with very high birth rates but poor education and very low levels of literacy.

  A) unstable B) reluctant C) rational D) unsteady


  1. The chairman was blamed for letting his secretary ________ too much work last week.

  A) take to B) take out C) take away D) take on

  2. “You try to get some sleep. I‘ll ________ the patient’s breakfast, ”said the nurse.

  A) see to B) stick to C) get to D) lead to

  3. The London Marathon is a difficult race.___ ___, thousands of runners participate every year.

  A) Therefore B) Furthermore C) Accordingly D) Nevertheless

  4. The bank refused to ________ him any money, so he had to postpone buying a house.

  A) credit B) borrow C) loan D) lease

  5. The more a nation‘s companies ________ factories abroad, the smaller that country’s recorded exports will be.

  A) lie B) spot C) stand D) locate