State officials say archaeologists have located a 7,000-year-old Native American ancestral burial site submerged in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Florida.


Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner announced Wednesday that the Manasota Key Offshore archaeological site is on the continental shelf near Venice, preserved in what appears to have been a peat-bottomed freshwater pond.

佛罗里达州政府秘书长Ken.Detzner本周三宣称,Manasota Key海岸考古遗址位于威尼斯附近的大陆架,并被保存于之前可能是泥煤底的淡水池塘下面。

Reports of the site began in June 2016 when divers identified possible human skeletal material. Archaeologists have since confirmed that it dates from the Early Archaic period.


Officials say offshore prehistoric burial sites are rare, with others located in Israel and Denmark.


The site is protected by law, and it is illegal for anyone not authorized by the state to excavate or remove anything.