Get better at keyboarding

  0 There is a simple way to work more efficiently: improveyour keyboard

  00 skills by learning to touch keyboard them. If you are oneof the vast majority

  34 of some people who keyboard with two or four fingers,you may believe that

  35 you are reasonably efficient. But the average person seldom achieves more www.ExamW.CoM

  36 than twelve words by a minute when using this method, while touch keyboarding

  37 can achieve up to 120 words, if enabling you to work almost as quickly

  38 as you can think. Whatever position you hold in your company, you are

  39 probably given responsible for answering emails or generating documents, and it

  40 is quite likely that you spend too much time doing this. Stop and consider how

  41 far much more you could do in a day as a result of touch keyboarding. You would

  42 be able to create such a document faster than you can write and as

  43 quickly as you can think and free up time to be more than creative. Moreover,

  44 you would save up the cost of a full-time secretary, and no longer have to

  45 wait for your documents to be created and either then have to return them for correction.