Beijing stole the show at the closing ceremony of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics on Sunday by presenting a high-tech handover performance at the gala finale to herald the start of Olympic Beijing time.


The extinguishing of the Olympic flame in Pyeongchang, the Republic of Korea, marked the beginning of a new four-year cycle to the 2022 Beijing Winter Games after Beijing Mayor Chen Jining received the Olympic flag from his Pyeongchang counterpart Shim Jaeguk.

韩国平昌市市长Shim Jaeguk将奥运会会旗(经由国际奥委会主席巴赫)交给北京市市长陈吉宁,随后平昌冬奥会圣火熄灭,冬奥会正式进入为期四年的“北京周期”。

The show was directed by Zhang Yimou, a famous Chinese director who was also responsible for the eight-minute summer handover in Athens in 2004 as well as the opening and closing ceremonies in Beijing in 2008 that received considerable international acclaim.


Zhang said he expects the show to help present his country’s more diversified image in the new era.


We made every second count during the eight short minutes to showcase a confident China not only for its profound 5,000-year-old history, but also the remarkable achievements the country has made today, said Zhang.


Images were projected to the icy floor while dancers skated across it, creating a sense of augmented reality. A number of moving monitors in the middle of the field were also controlled by artificial intelligence.


Unlike Athens which focused on displaying Chinese history with traditional elements like red lantern and jasmine, “Beijing 8 Minutes” emphasized the Chinese people’s sincere welcome to the world using modern technology.