I'm usuafly fairly skeptical about any research that concludes that people areeither happier or unhappier or more or less certain of themselrres than they were 50 years ago.




  本句的主干是I'm usually skeptical about any research。第一个that引导定语从句,修饰research;第二个that引导的是宾语从句。

  be certain of为“确信;对……有把握”。如:

  You must be certain of your facts before you start flinging accusations at peopte. 你必须掌握事实才能理直气壮地指责别人。


  doubtful, skeptical, distrustful, suspicious, dubious都可以表示“怀疑的”,它们的区别在于:

  ※ doubtful指“可疑的;疑心的”,强调对于事物的真实性等的怀疑。如:

  Because of a long drought, the farmers are doubtful about the prospect of a good yield.由于长时间的干旱,农民们对能否获得好收成持怀疑态度。

  ※ skeptical表示“怀疑的”时,含义与doubtful相同,只是skeptical多用在正式场合或者文学作品中;同时它也可以表示“批判的”。如:

  The public remain skeptical of these claims.公众对这些说法仍持怀疑态度。

  ※ distrustful指“不信任的”,强调被怀疑事物的本质有问题。如:

  I'm distrustful of such cheap goods.我不相信这种廉价货。

  ※ suspicious指“可疑的”,强调与道德或法规等相违背的状态或特征。如:

  The police found no suspicious document whatsoever.警察未发现任何可疑文件。

  ※ dubious指“怀疑的”,强调主观上的多疑。如:

  I remain dubious about her motives.我时她的动机仍存疑念。