A: Good morning, sir.

  B: Good morning. Take a seat, please. My name is Harry White.

  A: Thank you, Mr. White.

  B: Please make yourself comfortable. First, tell me your number and name.

  A: My number is 5 and my name is Li Liwei.

  B: Where do you come from?

  A: I come from Foshan, Guangdong Province.

  B: How old are you?

  A: I'm twenty-two years old.

  B: Now tell me about your educational background.

  A: OK. I am a senior student at Guangdong College of Commerce. My major is commerce, with emphasis on Marketing.

  B: How are your grades?

  A: I have got an average of 90 points.

  B: Have you got an excellent record in English?

  A: Yes, I obtained nearly full marks in English.


  B: That's only for your written work, I'm afraid. What about your oral English?You know, some staff members in this company are Americans as ours is an American capital company.So conversational English is very important in our company.

  A: I think I can manage English conversations with American staff members. At college I often practise oral English with my classmates or cassettes.

  B: That's very good. Can you tell me something about your student life?

  A: Certainly. I've been the class commissary in change of life affairs ever since I was in the first year. Every academic year I am chosen as a "Triple A" student, namely, a student who works hard, studies well and keeps fit.

  B: Do you have any part-time work experience in sales promotion?

  A: Yes, I do. In the summers of 1997 and 1998 I worked as a salesgirl for Guangdong P&G Company Ltd. I went from house to house to sell shampoos such as Rejoice 2-in-1, Head and Shoulders, and Pantene. In doing so I gained some sales promotion skills.

  B: Fine. You can speak Cantonese, can't you?

  A: Yes, I can speak either Cantonese or Mandarin.

  B: Do you know anything about this company?


  A: Yes, a little. As you mentioned just now, yours is an American capital company. As far as I know, Avon Company is a world famous company which produces cosmetics and skincare products. Your cosmetics and skincare products are very popular with women in all parts of the world.

  B: That's right. Are you familiar with our pay scale?

  A: No. Would you please tell me about it?

  B: We'll offer you a monthly salary of RMB 1,500 yuan to begin with and you would be eligible for a raise after a year. In addition, we offer you 1% commission on all your sales. You'll also enjoy life insurance and health insurance, an two-week paid vacation a year, a five-day work week, but we do expert you to work overtime when it's neccessary. Is that acceptable to you?

  A: Yes, that's fine.

  B: Any questions you would like to ask me?

  A: When will you let me know the result?

  B: You'll be hearing from us by next Saturday. By the way, shall we notify you by mail or by phone?

  A: You'd better do it by mail. It would be difficult for you to reach me by phone since I live in a student dormitory.

  B: All right. That's all for you. I've got some more candidates to interview. Thank you for coming.

  A: Thank you very much, Mr. White. I'll look forward to hearing from you. Good-bye.

  B: Good-bye, Miss Li.