A: How do you do, sir?I'm Ye Jinghong. I've come for an interview as requested.

  B: How do you do, Miss Ye?I'm Luo Jiang, the office director. Please take a seat.

  A: Thank you, Mr. Luo.

  B: Now let's get down to talk. First of all, would you please say something about yourself and family?

  A: It's my pleasure to do so. I come from Dongguan City. My father is the manage of an import and export company in Dongguan and my mother works as a doctor in a hospital. I have an elder brother. He is in the army. I am twenty-one years old. In 1996, I passed the National Entrance Examinations and was admitted into Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. I specialize in English Secretarial Studies.

  B: What courses have you taken in English Secretarial Studies?

  A: I've taken such courses as Secretarial Principles, Office Administration, Business English, Public Relations, Etiquette Study, Psychology, Computer Programming, Typing, Stenography, and File-Keeping.

  B: How are your typing and shorthand skills?

  A: I can type 60 words per minute, and take dictation in English at 100 words per minute.

  B: Good. But can you operate any other office machine?

  A: Yes. I can operate a facsimile machine and a Photostat.


  B: Where have you learned to operate these machines?

  A: I learned to operate them at The Foreign Trade Corporation of Guangdong Province last summer. I worked there for nearly two months.

  B: Oh, very good. You've had some practical experience in office work. By the way, have you had any experience as a tourist guide?

  A: Well, not exactly. But I have shown some of my foreign teachers around Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta as well.

  B: Once in a while we'll organize the members of this club to sightsee around Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta and I would like to be able to ask my secretary to take them to go sightseeing when there is not much to do in the office.

  A: I think I would like that.

  B: Fine. You are are very person we want.

  A: Thank you, sir.

  B: What salary would you expect to get?

  A: As for salary, I leave it to you to decide after you consider my abilities.


  B: Well, I believe we can offer you 2,500 yuan a month at the start. Would that be satisfactory?

  A: Yes, I am quite satisfied. That would be more than I have expected.

  B: What date can you start to work?

  A: I won't be able to leave the university until I get my diploma at the end of this month. How about early next month?

  B: That'll do. Please come in on August the first. Working hours are from eight to twelve in morning and from two to six in the afternoon. We usually work for five days a week, but occasionally we have to work overtime.

  A: Yes, sir.

  B: Thank you very much for coming today. It'll be a pleasure to have you here.

  A: Thank you, Mr. Luo. I'm sure I'll enjoy working here, too.

  B: I hope so. Good-bye.

  A: Good-bye.