A: Hello!

  B: Hello! Glad to meet you.

  A: Tell me something about yourself, please.

  B: My name is Wan Mei and I live in Guangzhou. I was born in 1978. I am a student of Jinan University. I have majored in Public Administration. I like travelling very much and enjoy sports. I am in the tennis club at my university.

  A: Your application form says you were out of school for half a year during high school. What was the reason? Were you ill?

  B: Oh, no. My father's job took him to America for six months then, and he decided to take the whole family along.

  A: So during that time you went to high school in the United States?

  B: Yes, it was just for a few months, but attended Johnson High School in Chicago.

  A: There was a year between the time you graduated from high school and entered the university. What were you doing during that time?

  B: I spent a year doing things a person doesn't have time for. I traveled several countries.

  A: Do you think you are more outward-looking or more inward-looking?

  B: Well, something I want to be by myself, but most of the time I prefer being with a group of people, so I guess you'd may I am rather outgoing. I was really very active in my university club.


  A: What would you say are some of your strong and weak points?

  B: Well, I suppose a strong point of mine is that I like developing new things and ideas. But I am afraid I am a poor talker and that isn't very good, so I've been studying how to speak in public.

  A: Do you have any people you'd call really close friends?

  B: Not too many, but not too few, either, I suppose. There are six people that I see quite often now. They're all my good friends.

  A: What kind of sports do you like? And do you watch or play?

  B: I like both watching and playing. And I enjoy almost all sports, but I especially like tennis. I was in the tennis club all through high school, so particularly in the case of tennis I prefer doing to watching.

  A: What kind of books do you like?

  B: I like biographics. It's intersting to read about the backgrounds of people who have become famous, and see what I can learn from their lives.

  A: Who is your favorite writer?

  B: I like the novels of Charles Dickens very much. I've read almost all of them in the original.

  A: Can you name one person that you respect very much?

  B: My English teacher at college. He has so much humour and vitality, and I am very impressed with his tactfulness. He can make a person see the contradictions in his thinking without making him feel foolish. I've learned a lot from watching the way he applies himself to his teaching, and how he leads people to seeing things.


  A: What basic principles do you apply to your life?

  B: Not to put off till tomorrow what you can do today. I feel that time gives away very easily —— you think you have it, and it is gone quickly! Putting things off just makes it worse later. So even if it is hard at the time, I try to get things done that day and not leave them till the next day.

  A: Tell me why you are interested in working for this company, will you?

  B: I think working in this company would give me the best oppotunity to use what I've learned at college, studying public administration for four years. I think this company has a great future and I'll be able to develop my own capabilities here. So for a long time I've been thinking I'd like to work with this company.

  A: Have you ever worked during your university days?

  B: Yes. I worked as a tutor to teach English to a middle school student.

  A: There's a good chance for you to come to work for this company. But, you will have to have another interview with our manager himself in Chinese.

  B: Of course.

  A: Thank you for coming. Good-bye!

  B: Good-bye!