Vice President Mike Pence has brought a newly revived advisory group to Florida’s Kennedy Space Center for a rundown on how best to get Americans back to the moon, a half-century after NASA’s Apollo heydays.


Pence convened the meeting Wednesday morning inside the building where NASA once prepped pieces of the International Space Station.


This is the second meeting of the National Space Council. Pence, its chairman, named a group of candidates to advise the council that includes Buzz Aldrin and other former astronauts and aerospace industry leaders.

这是国家空间委员会的第二次会议。委员会主席彭斯任命了一组候选人为该委员会提供建议,其中包括Buzz Aldrin和其他前宇航员和航空航天行业领袖。

Wednesday’s meeting focuses on the Trump administration’s plan to return astronauts to the moon and get them to Mars and "worlds beyond."


Pence toured Kennedy last summer just as the space council was being re-established after two decades.