awareness of law 法制观念

  a country with an adequate legal system 法制国家

  a country under the rule of law 法治国家

  prosperity, stability and development 繁荣、稳定和发展

  fight against "Taiwan Independence" 反对"****"

  oppose separation 反对分裂

  combat corruption and build a clean government 反腐倡廉

  guard against 防止

  non-traditional threats to security 非传统安全威胁

  splitting activities 分裂活动

  the objectives and tasks 奋斗目标和任务

  develop diverse forms of democracy 丰富民主形式

  trials and tribulations 风浪考验

  serve the overall interests 服务大局

  strong, prosperous, democratic and culturally advanced 富强、民主、文明

  hinterland 腹地

  reform, development and stability 改革、发展、稳定

  reform and opening-up 改革开放

  fall behind the times 落后于时代

  Marxism-Leninism 马克思列宁主义

  the basic tenets of Marxism 马克思主义基本原理

  a Marxist ruling party 马克思主义执政党

  Mao Zendong Thought 毛泽东思想

  the militia 民兵