Operating out of a century-odd schoolhouse in the village of Long Pond,Pennsylvania,the conservancy's Bud Cook is working with local people and businessleaders to balance economic growth with environmental protection.




  本句的主千是the conservancy's Bud Cook is working。operating out of a century-oldschoolhouse in the village of Long Pond, Pennsylvania为伴随状语。


  Please tell me how to balance my habit with my goals.请告诉我,怎样才能让我的习惯与目标达到平衡。


  local与locale, locate的词形相近,含义却不同:

  ※ local意为“当地的;地方性的”。如:

  He works in the local court.他在地方法院工作。

  ※ locale意为“现场;场所”。如:

  The director is looking for a suitable locale for his new film.导演在为新片物色合适的拍摄场地。

  ※ locate意为“位于;定居”。如:

  1) The company wished to locate its new factory beside the river.这家公司希望把新工厂建在河边。

  2) After retiring, he's going to locate in California.退休后他打算到加利福尼亚州定居