24-year-old man has been charged with theft of a major artwork from a Philadelphia museum -- stealing a thumb from a Terracotta Warrior statue that is part of an exhibit on loan from China at the Franklin Institute, according to law enforcement authorities.


Michael Rohana took a selfie with the statue before allegedly snapping off the part at an after-hours party at the museum, authorities said.

有关部门说,Michael Rohana 在参加博物馆举行的周末派对期间,溜进已经关闭的展厅并和该雕像进行自拍,随后他掰断了其一根手指。

The thumb was recovered at Rohana’s home five days after it was taken and returned to the museum, authorities said.


Rohana has been charged with theft of a major artwork from a museum, concealment of major artwork stolen from a museum, and interstate transportation of stolen property, according to an affidavit filed on Friday in federal court. He was released on bail.


The director of the Shannxi Cultural Heritage Promotion Center was "shocked and enraged" by the incident, according to a statement it issued, and criticized the Franklin Institute for not notifying it quickly about the incident.


The Franklin Institute extended its apology to the center for security loopholes, according to the statement.


The Center also said it was seeking initiation of a compensation procedure.


The stolen thumb was found broken when this Terracotta Warrior was excavated, but the fracture had been repaired before the statue went on exhibition in the US, the center said, and the missing thumb was snapped from the exact repaired place.


Rohana was a guest at an Ugly Sweater party at the museum in December when he went into a closed exhibit of terracotta statues, according to law enforcement authorities.


The thumb came from the life-size clay soldier known as "The Cavalryman", part of the exhibit at the Franklin Institute on display through March 4.