The Falcon Heavy rose from the same launch pad used by NASA nearly 50 years ago to send men to the moon - accompanied to the sounds of David Bowie's Space Oddity.


With liftoff, the £60m Heavy became the most powerful rocket in use today, doubling the liftoff punch of its closest competitor.


The three boosters and 27 engines roared to life at Kennedy Space Center, as thousands jammed surrounding beaches, bridges and roads to watch the rocket soar into space.



Musk told reporters the company had done all it could to maximise success and he was at peace with whatever happens: success, "one big boom" or some other calamity.


The longer the flight, he noted, the more the company would learn.


Tonight's launch attracted huge crowds not seen since NASA's last space shuttle flight seven years ago.


Not counting Apollo moon buggies, the Roadster is the first automobile to speed right off the planet.