Chinese overseas tourists will spend 9,580 yuan ($1,510) on average during the Spring Festival holiday, led by the most expensive trip, a journey to the Antarctic at 160,000 yuan, according to a report by China’s online travel agency Ctrip.


Ctrip said the report was based on Big Data from hundreds of thousands of groups or DIY tours on its website as well as orders from brick-and-mortar stores.


The 10 most expensive destinations are the Antarctic, Argentina, Brazil, Tahiti, Norway, Tanzania, Iceland, Mexico, New Zealand and Finland. Families and lovers form the majority of tourists, with the average family spending 100,000 yuan.


The number of tourists who have booked Antarctic trips nearly doubled over last Spring Festival, the biggest festival in China, said the report.


Travel routes that cost less than 10,000 yuan are mainly to destinations in Southeast Asia that can be as low as 5,000 yuan in the case of Laos.


Chinese tourists are expected to flood the coastal cities of Da Nang and Nha Trang in Vietnam again during the holiday, accounting for over 80 percent of foreign tourists. Phuket Island and Koh Samui in Thailand and Boracay Island in the Philippines will continue to be favorite destinations among Chinese tourists.


The Ctrip report also lists 10 cost-effective destinations such as Italy, the United States, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Russia and Sri Lanka. Spending by tourists to visit these countries is expected to change only slightly from last year.

此外,“携程网”还列出了意大利、美国、新加坡、泰国、菲律宾、越南、马来西亚、柬埔寨、俄罗斯、斯里兰卡等 “十大性价比国家”,这些地方今年的人均旅游消费与去年相比差别不大。