Unlike physical energy, which is finite and diminishes with age, emotional energyis unlimited and has nothing to do with genes or upbringing.




  本句的主干是emotional energy is unlimited and has nothing to do with genes or upbringing。unlike physical energy作整句的方式状语,其中还带有一个which引导的非限定性定语从句,修饰physicalenergy。


  We should treasure our finite fossil fuel reserves.我们应该珍惜有限的矿物燃料储备。


  It is difficult to grasp the concept of infinite space.掌握无限的空间概念是很难的。


  diminish, decrease, reduce都可以译为“减少”,三者的区别在于:

  ※ diminish强调的是程度的降低。如:

  1) He likes to diminish the skills of others.他喜欢贬低别人的技能。

  2) As he turned the knob, the sound diminished.他一转旋钮,声音就变小了。

  ※ decrease强调的是感情变弱或者数量的减少。如:

  1) His interest in this subject gradually decreases.他对这门学科的兴趣逐渐减退。

  2) They are making further efforts to decrease military spending.他们正在做进一步的努力,来减少军费开支。

  ※ reduce强调的是程度的降低、数量的减少或者能力的降低。如:

  1) The new government's prime task is to reduce the level of inflation.新政府的首要任务是降低通货膨胀水平。

  2) Taking extra vitamins may reduce your liability to colds.多吃一些维生素会降低你患感冒的可能性。