The anger and grievance in his heart almost drowned him,and he kept running as if running and running could make all the difference.When he stopped, he realized that he had come to the secret base of his childhood - an old park.It was getting dark. He looked at his watch and noticed that he had been walking outside for an hour. He felt tired and hungry after he relaxed, but he did not plan to go home. His heart was still full of anger, so he planned to spend the night in the park. He lay on the park couch, and a strange wind blew through him, he fell asleep . 

他心中的愤懑和委屈几乎要淹没了他,他不停的跑着,好像不停的奔跑可以使一切都不一样一般。当他停下,他才发现原来不知不觉他已经来到了他儿童时代的秘密基地-一个老旧的公园。此时,天渐渐黑了。他看了看手表,发现他已经不知不觉的在外面走了一个小时。放松下来后的他感觉到了疲惫与饥饿,但他并不打算回家。他的心中仍充满了愤怒,所以他打算在公园中度过一夜。 他躺在公园的躺椅上,一阵诡异的风吹过,他睡着了。

He was puzzled as he walked on a foggy road. But soon he was captivated by the flash of the scene.


It was a baby born scene, but soon he saw his family! He realized that it was him! He watched the little baby grow up and watched his father take care of him, and education until he graduated. He saw his own ignorance and saw the efforts of his family and his father hard work in order to lead him to a better life. Looking at the scene, he was so ashamed that he thought he was a bad son, to be ashamed of his father's expectations.


It seemed to him that his confession, the sharp frame of his father's bible, the dense fog, a light from the book. He dimly saw god, and he shouted. But suddenly he woke up and saw the light sky! The wind blew and he suddenly woke up. He got up and hurried home as fast as he could.


Rushing to his door, he hesitated, but when he was about to withdraw, he found that the door was not locked. He saw the father who was asleep in the study, and as he approached, he found his father frowning. He was about to act when his father woke up suddenly.


He heard himself say, sorry daddy, I was wrong. His father suddenly hugged him and told him no, I was wrong. I wanted you to learn to think calmly in the face of temptation, to keep a good mind in the face of disappointment, but to forget that you have grown up.


His father opened the bible and a key fell out. He recognized the car key of the car is he wanted.


Under the sun, the bible seems to glow with gold.