China's incredible efficiency astonishes the world. While some were probably sitting at desks yawning into a coffee, about 1,500 Chinese workers completed the railway line upgrade for Nanlong Railway Station in Southeast China's Fujian Province last week.


The workers managed to connect three existing railroads with the new Nanlong railway, and also installed the signals and monitoring equipment. The massive project began Friday and finished in the small hours of Saturday, according to media reports.


The aerial video of the workers' buzzing around on the construction site soon went viral online. "Now THAT'S high-speed rail!" the Daily Mail exclaimed, with many of its readers starting to compare China's speed with their countries' in the comment section.

工人们在工地上嗡嗡作响的航拍视频很快在网上疯传。“现在这是高铁!《每日邮报》(the Daily Mail)称,许多读者开始将中国的速度与他们在评论区的速度进行比较。

"It takes CalTrans [California Department of Transportation] well over a year to fix a one-mile stretch of potholes and cracks," read one comment.


The project is one example of the impressive speed of infrastructure construction in China. Those who wonder how China rose so fast can only marvel as China upgrades its infrastructure construction, expands its transportation networks across the country and even to the world, and eventually became the second-largest world economy.


Efficiency is the key to development. Chinese workers are highly mobilized and organized. Different from foreign laborers who squander hours at tea breaks chatting, Chinese are known for their diligence and spirit of dedication. They are willing and ready to contribute to the country's overall development.


It is a combination of sensible governmental decisions and workers' hard work that has contributed to the country's rapid rise.


Some allege that China prioritizes collective interests over individual, arguing that the country's achievements are made at the sacrifice of human rights. This is a misreading. Chinese workers' diligence is a spontaneous choice motivated by their pursuit of better lives and love for their country, rather than the result of exploitation. The fact is that Chinese workers have seen enhanced status and better-protected rights than before, which is attributed to China's rapid development.


In fact, efficiency is an important criterion of a civilized society. Only when productivity, production relations, ideology, unity and the spirit of dedication are harmoniously integrated, can high efficiency be achieved. How to become more efficient in state-building is a lesson that the West can learn from China.