We all know that rumor goes very fast from person to person. With the development of Internet, the information spreads faster than ever. But the problem comes as there is no law to supervise the comments, most people hide their identities and spread the fake information, so it is hard for people to recognize the truth and fake.
Recently, when I scanned the news on Weibo, a girl who wore the military uniform caught my eyes. She was not a freshman to get trained, but to train the students. The girl looked very young and beautiful, and she was a postgraduate. She had entered the service for two years and was assigned the task to train the freshmen. What a brave girl. However, some people doubted the school used her to catch the media’s attention. Suddenly the positive information turned to the bad side. 
As there are all kinds of information presented on the Internet, people feel so annoyed by the person who gets famous by spreading the rumors. So they are easy to think about the negative sides. When it comes to the positive news, it is natural for them to blame it. 
The positive news deserve us to advocate while the bad side should be refused.