Social media was swamped with people complaining the meat they bought tasted terrible, some describing it as ‘bleach’ or ‘acid’. One woman said it caused an argument, as she blamed her husband's feet for the bad smell.



People complaining said they were left with no meal altogether or had to order in emergency takeaways after discovering their Tesco turkeys had gone off. Some customers abandoned their turkey dinners before even putting the birds in the oven as a result of the smell.


Others said they didn’t notice until they had started digging into their Christmas meal. They then spent Christmas day complaining to the supermarket on Twitter and Facebook about the turkeys, which cost up to £59 in the store's Finest range.


One man said he'd been forced to order in an emergency Chinese takeaway for his family in Glasgow after he discovered their turkey was rotten.


Kirsten Shore from Stafford wrote: ‘Snap! We had the same problem! ‘Our first time hosting and a rotten turkey from Tesco ruined our day! I’m devastated!’ ‘£250 wasted. An awful meal and eight sick people!’

来自斯塔福郡Kirsten Shore写到:“唉!我们也遇到同样的问题!我们第一次举办的聚会和一只来自Tesco变质的火鸡毁了我们的圣诞节!我要崩溃了!浪费了250欧元。一次糟糕的聚餐和8个生病的人。”