As a student, I have summer and winter vacation. I will make some plans during that time and enjoy the long holiday. However, my favorite holiday is Mid-autumn festival, though it is just about three days’ off, I enjoy the great moment with my families.

Mid-autumn festival is one of Chinese traditional festivals. It has a story about a man and his extraordinary wife. It is said that once there are ten suns and people can’t nearly make a living, so the man who has the great power decides to shot down nine suns. But his wife steals the medicine which can help the man to be stronger. After she eats it, she flies to the moon and live alone.

This beautiful myth makes Mid-autumn festival meaningful. During the festival, people eat mooncakes, which are very special and delicious for me. I like this festival because I can spend time with my family. In the daytime, we prepare food. When night comes, the whole families sit at the balcony and appreciate the moon. At this moment, we talk happily, which is very unforgettable.