Section A
26. I) permit
27. O) territory
28. F) exclusive
29. C) commercial
30. D) communities
31. E) essential
32. G) independent
33. M) sponsor
34. J) secure
35. N) stocks

Section B
36. [E] Online services are so designed that the more they are used, the more profit they generate.
37. [L] The author admits using technology as an escape from the task at hand.
38. [I] Checking phones at dinners is now accepted as normal but not belching.
39. [O] To make proper use of technology, we should not only increase our awareness of how it is changing but also how it is impacting us.
40. [B] Most of us find it hard to focus on our immediate tasks because of Internet distractions.
41. [J] When one person starts checking their phone, the others will follow suit.
42. [F] The great majority of smartphone users don’t take the trouble to adjust their settings to suit their own purposes.
43. [D]The Internet is regarded by some as designed to distract our attention.
44. [L] The author attributes his tech addiction chiefly to his habit of putting off doing what he should do right away.
45. [G] White-collar workers check email round the clock because it is required by their employers.

Section C
Passage One
46. A) He used a strangely potent ingredient in a food supplement.
47. C) Many were shipped to Europe in the late 19th century for medicinal use.
48. A) Cocaine had become notorious.
49. D) It has remained virtually unchanged since its creation.
50. A) The evolution of Coca-cola.

Passage Two
51. C) There was a clear divide between large and small cities.
52. D) They have changed America's landscape.
53. D) looked deserted in the evenings
54. C) Modernized housing and improved infrastructure.
55. D) Better job opportunities.