Be ready to help others

There goes a saying that “Help others and you will be helped when you are in need”, which indicates a profound significance and value not only in our job but also in our study. Hence, my views are illustrated as follows.

First and foremost, take finishing a job as an instance, one can’t do all the jobs and complete all the things by himself, and cooperation and a help are needed. What’s more, to help others means to help ourselves. We can’t live in the world alone. When we help others in trouble someday, they will do us a favor in return. On the contrary, if we don’t offer a help for someone in need, we won’t get a help. Last but not least, helping others is not only a good quality, but also a happy thing. We can get much happiness by helping others.

To sum up, just as a proverb goes, the rose’s in her hand, the flavor is mine. We should believe that the more we help others, the more benefits we will get in our daily life.