A saying goes that “Respect others , and you will be respected”. Simple as the saying is, itsmeaning is profound and thought-provoking. Evidently, it is meant to tell usthat being respected by others isderived from respecting others.

Actually, all men are born to be equal and respect or esteem is the basic need ofmen. In other words, people cannot live freely and comfortably without others’respect or esteem. Taking a look around we can also find examples too many toenumerate. Don’t make a joke with others, like appearance, social status,health conditions, since everyone has the right to be respected as a member ofthe society. It is also a respectable behavior that there is no interruptionwhen others are talking or doing work. Without respect, it is hard for one togain friendship , confidence, trust and even happiness.
Bring what has been discussed intoconsideration, respect matters in people’s mutual relationship. Respectingothers shows one’s good upbringing and parenting. The more you respect