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Recording 1

You dream about being a movie star. You'll live in a big house in Hollywood, go to the Oscars every year—and win! You'll be rich and famous. Wait a minute, you also hate having your photo taken, and you're very shy, so how could you ever become a movie star?

Choosing the right career can be hard. Many people graduate from school or college not knowing what to do with their lives, and get a job without really thinking about it. For some, things work out fine, but others often find themselves stuck in a job they hate. Your working life lasts an average of forty years, so it's important to find a job you like and feel enthusiastic about. Luckily, there are many ways you can get help to do this.

The Australian website,, compares choosing a career with going to the movies. Before you see a movie, you find out what films are showing. The site suggests you should do the same with your career—find out what jobs are available and what your options are. Next, decide which movie you like best; if you're not a romantic person, you won't want to see a love story. In other words, with your career, you should decide which job will suit your personality. Finally, decide how to get movie tickets, and find out where the theater is before you go. With your career, you need to find information about where you can work, and how to get a job in that profession.

So, how do you start? Begin by asking yourself some questions. Some jobs require you to have certain life experiences: Have you traveled overseas? Do you have any extra certificates besides your degree, such as a first aid license, for example? Your physical state and build can also affect which-jobs you can do. A person, for example, who is allergic to cats would probably never become an animal doctor. Flight attendants, firefighters, and police officers have to be over a certain height, and be physically fit. Your personality matters, too. Are you outgoing or shy? If you like working alone, a job that requires lots of teamwork might not suit you.

Choosing a career can take time and a lot of thought. However, when you know you can look forward to working in your dream job, you'll be glad you thought it through.


Questions 16-18 are based on the recording you have just heard.

Q16: What does the speaker say about many college graduates?

Q17: What does the Australian website suggest you do first to find a suitable job?

Q18:What should you think about when you look for the right job according to the Australian website?