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Conversation 2

M: Thank you for calling Saks Fifth Avenue department store. How can I be of assistance to you today?

W: Hello. I was in your store this past weekend and bought a few items. Yesterday, my friend told me that the annual anniversary sales had begun. It turned out she bought the same sweater as I did but for a much lower price.

M: Yes. Our anniversary sale started on Monday. We do offer price adjustments within seven days of purchase to ensure our customer satisfaction. You said you did the purchase here this past weekend?

W: Yes. I was shopping in your store last Sunday afternoon.

M: That would definitely fall within the price adjustment window. Do you have an account with us? We can credit your account directly with the difference if you wish. Otherwise we can send a gift card by mail if you prefer.

W: Crediting my account would be wonderful. Thank you. Now that you mention there's a sale going on, I do remember a dress I quite like when I was in the shop on Sunday. Is it on offer as well?

M: Yes, ma'am. All the new arrivals are 15-20% off. In addition to the sale, we're running a promotion for complimentary tailoring if you need it. 

W: That's a good news. The dress really caught my eye but I did have some concerns about the length. How long will the alterations take?

M: Our tailoring department guarantees alterations to be completed within five working days. If you like I can set one aside for you. If you're able to come this afternoon, you can give your name to the sale manager and they will be able to assist you.


Q5. What do we learn about Saks department store?

Q6. What does the man say Saks department store offers?

Q7. What does the woman want the store to do to address the price difference?

Q8. What is the service Saks department store offers in addition to the promotional sale?