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Bitcoin futures went live on Cboe Global Markets, the Chicago-exchange group, Sunday night.

比特币期货周日晚上在芝加哥交易所全球市场(Cboe Global Markets)上市。

Liquidity on the market was thin and Cboe's website crashed.


The price of bitcoin soared by more than $1,000 after the market went live.


Bitcoin futures went live on Cboe Global Markets, the Chicago-based exchange group, Sunday evening and the price of the red-hot coin shot up.

比特币期货周日晚上在芝加哥交易所集团Cboe Global Markets上市,红热钱的价格上涨。

Cboe's future contracts, which trade under the ticker XBT, allow investors to bet on the future price of bitcoin. Bitcoin shot up over $1,000 after investors could start purchasing contracts at 6:00 p.m. ET.


According to data from CoinDesk, bitcoin soared from $14,509 a coin at 5:59 p.m. ET to $15,704 at 6:07 p.m. It gave up some of those gains and was trading at $15,178 at 6:11 p.m. The futures contracts were trading at $16,000 soon after the market went live, higher than where bitcoin was trading in the spot market at the time of print.


Trading in the early stages was muted. Only 800 contracts traded within the first two hours of the market being live, according to Cboe. Still, volumes impressed one trader.


"There was more volume than I was expecting," Garrett See, the CEO of DV Chain, the cryptocurrency trading division of Chicago-based DV Trading, told Business Insider.

“成交量比我预期的要多,”Garrett See,DV连锁店的首席执行官告诉《商业内幕》(Business Insider),该公司是总部位于芝加哥的DV交易的加密货币交易部门。

"It was difficult for folks to get access to this market on day one since only some brokers were clearing trades for clients," he added.


JPMorgan and Citigroup, which are two of the largest futures brokers, did not participate in the market Sunday. Nor did Societe Generale. Goldman Sachs said it would clear futures for some clients.

摩根大通和花旗集团是两家最大的期货经纪商,周日没有参与市场。法国兴业银行(Societe Generale)也没有。高盛(Goldman Sachs)表示,将为一些客户提供明确的期货。

Interest in the new market appeared to put pressure on Cboe. Its website experienced outages soon after trading of bitcoin futures was underway. Here's Cboe in a tweet:


"Due to heavy traffic on our website, visitors to http://www.cboe.com  may find that it is performing slower than usual and may at times be temporarily unavailable. All trading systems are operating normally."


"The launch is going as expected sans [Cboe's website] crashing," John Spallanzani, chief macro strategist of GFI Group, told Business Insider. "It speaks to the interest in bitcoin. There hasn't been this much interest in something since the internet boom."

GFI集团首席宏观策略师John Spallanzani对《商业内幕》表示:“此次发行将像预期的没有(Cboe的网站)崩溃一样。”这表明了对比特币的兴趣。自从互联网繁荣之后,就没有这么多的兴趣了。

Bitcoin futures are the latest evolution in the market surrounding the cryptocurrency, which has appreciated more than 1,400% this year. Two other exchange operators are also set to launch their own bitcoin futures contracts.

比特币期货是围绕加密货币市场的最新发展,今年已经升值了1400多个百分点。 另外两家交易所运营商也将推出自己的比特币期货合约。

There are a number of reasons why bitcoin futures products are a big deal for Wall Street and the world of crypto. First, the launch of bitcoin futures by establishment firms is likely to to open the door to wider participation in bitcoin trading by other Wall Street firms. It could also pave the wave for an exchange-traded fund, which could bring more investments into the space. Most importantly, it could help dampen bitcoin's spine-tingling volatility.

比特币期货产品对于华尔街和密码世界来说有很多原因。 首先,由创业公司推出的比特币期货可能为其他华尔街公司更广泛地参与比特币交易打开大门。 这也可能为交易所交易基金铺平了道路,这可能会带来更多的投资。 最重要的是,它可以帮助抑制比特币的刺激性波动。