Weibo has been the main social software for Chinese people. They get used to using it to follow the instant news all the time. But as there is no law to supervise this software, many people hide their information and attack others by language violence. Now the real-name system has been advocated and soon it will work.

In Korea, many years ago, a famous female star committed suicide, which shocked the public. The government announced that it was the cyber-violence that led to this tragedy. The female star was annoyed by the rumor that was spread in the network, then a lot of people believed the rumor and criticized her, because of the great pressure, she chose to end her life to get away of this mess.

This tragedy made people start to think about the cyber-violence, the one who spreads the rumor should be responsible for his duty. The real-name system can prevent the language violence effectively, because with the public’s supervision, no one dare to spread the fake information to attack others. We need to create a harmonious environment.