What would you do with £15,000? Maybe you'd put it towards a deposit or a mega round-the-world trip. Or, if you were an artist like Illma Gore, maybe you'd spunk the whole lot on Louis Vuitton bags which you could then construct into a bog.

你会怎样花费15000英镑(约合13万人民币)?也许你会存起来,或者准备一次盛大的环球旅行?又或者,你会和设计师Illma Gore一样,也许拿所有钱买下LV的包包,然后将其改造成马桶。

Illma has just created a fully-functioning golden toilet from the iconic LV printed leather. ‘I wondered what 15k of authentic Louis Vuitton bags looked like as a fully functional toilet, so I made this.’



She says that she loved the idea of what it felt like to cut up a £1,530 bag. ‘The urge to destroy is just the same as the creative urge,’ she tells Dazed.


The cheeky toilet, which she made in three months, has art precedents. The toilet was, until September, installed in the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York.