There is no doubt that English is the most widely used language. In China, students have to learn it since they enter the primary school, even in some families, parents will hire tutors to help improve their children’s English level. The meaning of learning English is obvious.

First, we need to keep pace with the time. When everybody is speaking English, if we don’t follow them, then we will be kicked out. Today, the world is globalized, people seek for cooperation, especially for the business. Mastering the English provides people chances to do the business and enlarge their business. 

Second, English as the common language provides people the stage to understand each other. When I travel abroad, I like to talk to the local people. No matter which country I go, everybody admits to communicate in English. We learn each other’s culture and talk happily. As I master English, I can go anywhere, communication is not the problem to stop me. 

As English is so important and practical, we should learn as much as we could, so as to make better preparation for our future.